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Frequently asked questions

The motorhome is delivered clean the inside and outside and with the drinking-water tank is full, and grey water tanks, and black water empty and ready for use. Must be returned clean and with the tanks empty and clean.

The motorhome is delivered with the deposits of oil and adblue full and the client must return it with both tanks full.

The motorhome has a solar panel for recharging the battery and the vehicle is completely self-contained so that it does not require connection to the electrical network. It is not necessarily to spend the night at campsites or service areas. Yes that is necessary every 2-4 days to make the change of water consisting fill the potable water tank and empty the water tanks in black and gray, to do this you must find a place with such services.

The motorhome can park on any website that can make it a tourism, provided that there is an express prohibition to do so or the dimensions of the pathway are not advised by their larger size. To search for parking areas and overnight, as service areas, to the changes of water it is recommended that the use of mobile apps as Park4night or Caramaps. In any parking is permitted opening the skylights in the ceiling. The side windows or the awning can only be opened in areas where it is permitted in the camps.

The motorhome driving as a passenger car, the driving license required is the same and the speed limits are the same. Yes you need to take into account that the height is much higher (about 3 meters) and the distance from the rear axle to end of vehicle is also larger, which can cause small bumps if you do not have sufficient caution.

Frequently asked questions

In ‘Home back’ we want to make sure that you have all the information necessary for you to enjoy your experience to the maximum. Here you will find the answers to the most common questions on the rental of our motorhomes. If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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